For the ambitious woman with a strong desire for personal and professional growth


So often, women are faced with challenges that call their confidence and self-worth into question. Women are working hard to get ahead, lead well-balanced lives, and make loved ones proud. However, women often fail to acknowledge what ultimately dictates the ability to achieve success– one's self. Self-awareness, inner peace, and dedication to living as our best selves directly correlate to our success. She Who Dares tackles the importance of personal development and speaks to the extraordinary side in every woman. 

The empowering initiative dares women to live fully.



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Kelli M. Coleman

  • Award-winning marketer

  • Serial Entrepreneur

  • Investor

  • Speaker

  • Founder, She Who Dares

  • Founder/CEO, KMColeman Group

  • Co-Owner, The TEN Nail Bar


Tai Beauchamp

  • Co-Founder, She Who Dares

  • ETV Personality

  • Lifestyle Expert

  • Founder, The Tai Life